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I got news in the city or the circus team has arrived! It is also in the German mythology. The little town of Kolleghena green in the mountains is Kaiserslautern. That's what I'm talking about. Gartenshaw also has a garden at the end of town. Just as we celebrate the new harvest in Hemanta, we are celebrating the pumpkin festival just as we do in Germany. In German it is called the Kuribis Festival.

Not only Germany but also the golden hemant festival of sweet sunshine is organized in many countries of Europe and America. The festival runs until somewhere on October 14 and again until the day before Halloween.


The city of Kaiserslautern, Germany, is decorated annually with a fairy tale. The kingdom of this fairytale is decorated with more than 50,000 pumpkins of that 150 variety. Different shapes are arranged in sweet potato characters. Circus team has come to the state this time. So we went to the party and also appeared there. I had a Bangladeshi friend Samina with me. The two of them joined me in the front, and I met a man with a straight face. She was playing with the colors at the entrance of the Pumpkin Turning Wheels. The feeling is as if he is calling everyone, watching the game, Babu. He was wearing a orange pumpkin shirt and light green pumpkin pajamas and a green cap on his head.


Circus everyone else was walking in the breeze north of the green plains that surrounded the rocky mountain walls. In the distance, the farmer guarded a long stick in a robe pumpkin robe. Everybody, big and small, has come to visit Pumpkin Fair in Pumpkin Kingdom. Not just this city, everyone from the neighborhood to the city, boys and old.

On the way to the entrance, a variety of pumpkins were decorated with aesthetic decoration. The scenery of the cultivars, origins, and symbolic farms of various varieties of ponds and flowers along the water fountains was beautiful. With the best possible knowledge of Pumpkin knowledge, we walked to the front. Keeping all four pumpkins in huge shape on the sidewalk. Some of them weigh close to 500kg. It's better to call them pumpkins because they are not pumpkins. It is difficult to express their shape in the eyes if not seen!


The sight of two more human beings this time. It seemed like they were raising their hands and calling everyone to their room. This year's special attraction of Pumpkin is the circus party. No, don't make the mistake of being a circus team of blood-flesh people. All of them are pumpkins. Various games and magic have been added to the Pumpkin. So the robe has fallen all over the room. People gathered in the crowd to see why. Scenes of more than 11 circuses grabbed everyone's attention. A white rabbit was smiling at the witch's head from inside the huge hat. Meanwhile, the monkey is sitting with his hands on the bioscope of his hobby. The reason why people are no longer able to see the bioscope in the era of dazzling images on colorful digital screens. Someone was listening to music sitting on the green grass to eat pumpkin soup and batter in the sweet maya of the last sunrise in Hemanta. A little ahead of him were three horses in the wind speed. In the middle of the horse, the rider again showed his charisma in different ways. After wearing a light yellow pumpkin coat over an orange shirt, a horned human has joined the game with a baby. Wearing a pumpkin-colored orange frock, he was not being separated. Alongside this, there were two pigeons standing on the necks of three kumromanas. Without moving at all. Not only this, there were elephants and horses. Even the tiger was almost jumping through the round wheel until Mama.

Seeing these, the golden sunlight of Hemanta was dimming. When the sun wants leave, what else to do. Red, green, yellow, mattresses I said goodbye.

Post and image source :কুমড়োর-রাজ্যে

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