KUZINA - awesome goodies!

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Kuzina Patisserie includes fresh cakes, pastries and desserts made from natural ingredients, as well as invigorating coffee made from freshly roasted beans.

This small chain of pastry shops is the most popular in our city. Prices are very affordable and every day there are promotions "Buy one piece of cake, get the second for free"


We love to go to this institution, sweet cheers up on these cloudy cold days of winter.




Pastry shops are located in the lively parts of the city where it is very easy to get.


We ordered:

  • Mango Eclair
  • Chocolate brownie with nuts
  • Coffee
  • Odik is a piece of berry cake, and we got the second piece for free.



All of the above, we were worth 382 Russian rubles = $ 5.96
It is not expensive for the delicious sweets and pleasant atmosphere of this establishment.


All pastries are very fresh - everything is cooked in the morning, and in the evening you can get a discount.

I recommend "KUZINA" to my friends and all the guests of our city!

Restaurant Information

Ulitsa Trolleynaya, 130/1, Novosibirsk, Novosibirskaya oblast', Russia, 630107

KUZINA - awesome goodies!
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All pastries looking very scrumptiously divine. :-)
I'm hungry now...ha ha!

Wow hello - have not seen each other for a long time)
I follow your sporting success at @Actifit

Yeah, appears you’re not active with @actifit (for) now. But it’s awesome you’re still posting, I especially loved the food and stuff. Enjoy your day 👍♨️

Yes - I don’t have enough time to participate in all projects - I think many have such a problem - but now the common project is Appics and Actifit - I think that I will join - I also delegate SP to Actifit ✌️✔️ have a nice day


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Looks so delicious!

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Some very delicious cake. Well food.