Stop, Breathe And Drink Crypto Coffee

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I woke up today feeling a little overwhelmed. I have a lot to get through this week, a lot of which is relatively urgent and must get done. I think I woke up with that feeling of running out of time already.

I need some good light to get some of the work done too - especially since there's an outdoorsy aspect. The weather we're having now, which will apparently go on till the weekend, is not helping either.

Feeling overwhelmed is often counter-productive. It is for me anyway. Let's say I have 10 things to do but time to only get 7 of them done. I start to freak out in my head about how I don't have enough time, and end up spending more time not doing anything.

It's far more efficient to just stop, take a breath, and accept that I only have time for 7, maybe even 6 things, pick which are the most urgent, and start doing them. That's exactly what I did this morning (for a change).

I've accepted that I just wont get everything done in time. I have picked the most urgent/important ones, and started off with those. My mind is much calmer and I'm able to process information much better now.

Just some motivation/reminder for anyone feeling a little overwhelmed out there today, to take some minutes out to breathe and refocus your mind on what really matters. It really helps.

Crypto Coffee


Have I just not come across it yet or is there absolutely no coffee related crypto coin around? I think I've seen a Steem Engine token floating around on Steem, but surely there's got to be something the big coffee chain's would be interested in.

Anyway, coffee, crypto, me... I have been paying for my coffees from crypto money for almost a year now. Not from Steem, but other random stuff. Coinbase's Learn and Earn program has been good for this, as well as some airdrops here and there. Even the Wirex card crypto back thing has contributed a, however little, to my coffee pot :)

The next one I'm looking to move into my coffee fund is my BAT stash. I've been using the browser for about a year now and I've managed to accumulate quite a fair bit of tokens surprisingly. I haven't even been pushing it to try get commissions as an affiliate - just by using the web normally.

By the way, if you're curious, then download Brave using my link: Brave Browser

Since the first time I lost a whole bunch of tokens when I forgot to back it up before re-formatting my computer, I treat tokens very differently. I learn't my lesson that they're not all for HODLing :) . Now, with the exception of Steem and maybe Bitcoin, when I come into possession of any crypto coins/tokens, I use them and move on. If Dai decides to moon to $5000 in five years, oh well. I wouldn't even remember ever owning some.


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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The power of crypto is growing stronger day after day.

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that's for sure

That's a damn fine photograph!

Thanks :)

infinite coins on steem block chain haha 😊

ocean of tokens. :)

crypto coffee that's seems a nice idea 😀