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This is a shitpost. I’m at school. School pays me nothing, steemit gives me them coins. This post is to make them coins that are looking very positive now.

How are you guys today?


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Love the color of your coat! army green is the king of all colors! <3

It's a pretty solid colour choice for a lot of things :)

Definitely! many of my stuff are in army green! <3

I'm at home today working out how not to shitpost :P

Go for it, you don’t do it too often.

Naa, I'll probably stream a game to no-one on my alt :)

That feels...familiar :D


Well that didn't last long - fell asleep at the wheel and crashed, maybe a shower is a better idea :)

Which game I watch streams all day !

Euro Truck simulator!

I occasionally post the feed from twitch on @abh12345.ggame - later today I think :)

Well, coins only get you things. And school is one of the most awesome things to get if it schools you right. Or if you school the schooling out of it right, rather.

I need them coins to pay for my rent etc while I’m at school. And that camera gear ain’t cheap 😅

I wouldn't mind sitting on the school bench every now and then..if they teach something I care about! I'm doing great atm, the sun is shining and all is good

That’s the point, needs to be something you actually wanna learn, otherwise there is no point. I assume there isn’t much snow in the island?

No it has been autumn all it felt like spring!


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You know it.

Shitpost are the real reason social media works

Haha true true

This is a shitcomment, this is how social media works 😂


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The real girl next door!