Apocalypto-2006-a cinema or misinterpretation of a civilization

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The Mayans lived in southern Mexico and north-central America. It is believed that the period of Maya civilization was from 2000 BC to 250 BC. Civilization was lost a few thousand years ago, but the Mayans are still not surprised at the trial of excellence.

In the wake of the sunset of that civilization, Protagonist Mayan youngster Jaguar, surrounded by his family and community, has released a picture of the Epic-Adventure genre released in the 2006 Apocalypto.

The film, which was produced and directed by Mel Gibson, was worth US $40 million, but the movie was able to garner 120.7 million at the box office. Has received critical acclaim. The movie received several Oscar nominations in various categories, in addition to the awards, as well as the music, vocals.

Another information for subcontinent films and musicians is that the music and vocals of Pakistani musician Rahat Fateh Ali Khan were both in this movie!


It was not easy to overturn a civilization that was thousands of years old at this age. The hard work has been done in cinema. It was an extraordinary look with great set design and makeup. A movie worth watching after watching it all in one sitting; Once the viewing is over, you will want to look at the special scenes again.

Holding one child in the back of the throat in water, giving birth to another child, the living scenes of holding a newborn baby in the water by hand, will especially touch the eyes and the mind.

All scenes of the movie will be caught alive in the eyes of the primitive people living in the textbook, living in a hostile environment.


One of the shocking aspects of the movie is that there are no actors in it, all the Kushilobi are new. It's not flattering to bring out such perfect performances from new actors!

The dialogues of the entire movie were in the Mayan language. Because of this, everyone has to export this language first. Although the Mayan language is English subtitled and the story of the movie is lively, the viewer does not have to get too much momentum to understand.

Theatricality, thrill, action have nothing to do with the movie. But despite so much goodwill, so much achievement and success, there is a lot of criticism against Apocalypto, serious accusations of distortion of history. Anthropologists and archaeologists have strongly criticized this on a number of issues.

Many critics think that the movie is about Mayans, but in the end they are shown as violent, barbaric, brutal, and extremist, without taking away the actual history of the Mayans. At the same time, white-skinned people are portrayed as civilized, generous, savior.


Reviewing history shows that the Mayans have a lot to contribute to the development of world civilization. The Mayans had full written language. There was equal expertise in art, architecture, mathematics and astronomy. According to many, these Mayans are the credit of the discovery of nothing. The beauty of Mayan civilization still amazes the world with all its tattoos, symbols, tactics, calendar. But the positive aspects of Mayan cinema did not come up that way.

There is intense criticism for the part that is shown in the movie. The tradition of Narbali was common among the Mayans, but it did not take place in the Narbali mass. The genocide of Norbali was largely a culture of the Aztecs.


Some critics criticized Apocalypto, saying that director Mel Gibson did not make films with the Mayans; The Mayans have been insulted very subtly and tactically. According to them, the movie is a huge lie about the Mayans and the traditional lies and Mayan civilization.

Mel Gibson faces reporters' questions at an exhibition at Apocalypto in Mexico. In reply he said;

Those who criticize this movie, let's do a little homework first. I did

Philosopher and writer William James Durant said, "No great civilization can be conquered unless it is destroyed by itself." By this the director meant to say that the Mayans had destroyed themselves! But critics are reluctant to admit it.

Natural disasters, pestilences, rains, excessive use of agricultural land, oppression - for many, the reasons for the decline of Maya civilization, but the precise cause of the decline of this civilization, of course, is the danger.


However, this discussion of distortion of history can be considered aside from one side and the other. The director may have told the story of our present time rather than tell the story of the Mayan situation. The real reason for the downfall of human beings is riots, conflicts among themselves. In the movie, a society has emerged as the cause of the destruction and decay of a nation.

The main character of the movie has been living with his family in the forest despite enduring so much persecution, so much torture, in the last scene that the ships anchored in the sea and the people see the forest is his own identity, his ancestral identity. This vision is echoed by the main character - the pull of his homeland, the homeland, and what a real man can never leave.

If you exclude the controversy over history, the film will keep you in front of the screen for at least two hours, in combination with tense portrayals, extraordinary music, captivating sets, costumes, color grading. If you have seen it before, watch the movie again with HD print and larger display and better sound system if possible.


PS: With the revolution of technology, the book space is gradually taking over electronic or online media as a medium of entertainment. Moreover, watching movies is more time-consuming than reading books on rat race. Due to such a changing age, the events of history are now being able to reach more people through cinema than through books.

But it is also true that history is not linear and is much more gray. It is a daunting task to produce thousands of pages of history books so accurately in two to three hours in length. Aside from the fact that the historical narrative is not without prejudice, the hope that the film-makers will get rid of it also raises expectations. And in view of this fact, the movie must be seen.

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