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Selfies, you know, blabla. Using Fujifilm x100f.


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Well they are very hot, you know, balablah! ;D <3

Haha, you speak my language 😆

You know it! :D :D :D

I love my Fujifilm X100T these cameras teach you photography.

Yes they are very good!

Did you have other X100 models or is the X100F your first one?

Just this one, I did try out the third generation one from my friend before I bought mine. I believe they just came out with the fifth!

The bestest⭐️💜⭐️

Thank you darling❤️

Finland's economic downturn forces people to go pantless...


Birthrate in Finland is at an all time lows too, so the going pantless might help with that.

I'm pretty sure it'll do that. Seems like a really good solution. 😉

Next season, I’ll run for president.

You'll probably win too! You could take your own campaign photos too! 🤣

Let the dictatorship begin!

Now that's what it should be! A dictatorship. ✅

We’ve never had one so I think it’s about time!

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Hey, these are actually nice.

Good for you.

Haha well thank you very much! :D

Really high quality

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