Energi Earndrop Distribution

in palnet •  10 days ago 


For those that signed up way back the Energi(NRG) Earndrop program has been distributed. If you completed everything in the bounties then you should’ve received between 100-120 NRG. As with any Airdrop after distribution, there’s an ongoing massive cash-out. This has driven the price down to almost $1.00 USD per 1 NRG. The HODLers are gonna make out again on this one. I myself will be buying some more at the reduced price. As recently as September the price was up to $4.20 USD & has an all-time high of $9.28 USD It doesn’t take a genius to do the math on that.59AEDFF8B1C94D91B0AE6E74B0C1B2C4.jpeg
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