Extremely easy way to fitness: Water workout

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If you are fed up with fitness methods like gyming, zumba, jogging, pylorus, aerobics, brisk walking, etc., adopt water workouts, now make the pool a gym pool. Well, body toning is definitely done in all ways of fitness, but water workouts are more effective to burn calories and stay away from diseases. You can also remove many diseases by doing water workouts. This makes a good workout of all body parts.


What is Water workout

Doing exercise in water is called water workout or aqua workout or arrow workout. The water should not stop, but should be stopped. Doing water in a pool or swimming pool is the best. The water level in these should not exceed 3 feet. You can decide the level of water according to your convenience i.e. up to the knees, pelvic or up to the chest. Also, the water temperature should not exceed 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Obesity is the biggest obstacle in doing acceleration. In this case, adopt a water workout. According to experts, the body weight remains only 10% while doing acceleration in water. Not only this, by doing water workouts, there is relief in joint pain, arthritis, obesity, diabetes etc. In the open, there is a possibility of injury due to hands or feet going in the wrong direction and also due to the heaviness of the body, the axesize is not done effectively.

Water workout strengthens muscles. Apart from this, exercise in water gives relief to both body and mind from stress. When the body is in water, the weight is felt. Therefore, the effect of exercise on the body is also less, which does not cause muscle tension or physical tension. Exercising in water makes one feel fresh and happy. Water workout is beneficial for weight loss and for people of all ages.

Important care

If you are doing water workouts for the first time, do it under the supervision of a trainer. Do not stay in water for more than 1 hour otherwise sunburn may occur on the skin. To avoid this, apply sunscreen on the body 20 minutes before the water workout. After doing any kind of water workout, take rest for 10-15 minutes so that the body temperature returns to normal.


If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, then you should definitely adopt a water workout, because muscle does not get stressed by doing exercises in water. If you do 1 hour water workout a day, then you can burn 300 to 600 calories. That is, by doing water workouts, along with eliminating the fat of the body, it can also bring it safely in shape.

Flexibility means flexibility. Flexibility is associated with water workouts. Exercising in water does not hurt internal. Also, joints become more flexible. As a result, their activity increases.

Relieve stress

If you are under a lot of stress, do a water workout. With this you will feel refreshed and relieved from stress. When in water, brain endorphins release hormones, which reduces stress.

While water workouts reduce weight, stress is relieved. Muscle flexibility increases, many diseases are diagnosed. Regularizing it also strengthens the muscles, as well as increases flexibility in them.

Exercise in water improves blood flow in the body, which does not cause blood pressure. Heartbeat is also better than this.


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