Jogging is better for depression not medicines

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Due to now a day's lifestyle, the risk of depression in people is increasing rapidly. Many people take various remedies for its treatment. Many people believe that only by changing the diet can this problem be overcome. Many people rely more on medicines and start taking many types of medicines. Even after all this, if their condition does not improve, then their mental condition starts to worsen. Recently, a new study claimed that depression cannot be cured with medicines.


It is studied that nutritional supplements alone cannot cure depression. In order to arrive at this conclusion, a research was done, which included those who do not have depression, but may be in the future. About 1000 people were included in the study. This study was done for about a year. Some people were given nutritional supplements in this. While some were given placebo and some people were given lifestyle coaching.

The result of the study was not positive in any way, but its downside was that diet changes and behavioral therapy are capable of reducing depression to some extent. According to experts, depression has now become a very common problem. Many people are vulnerable. Depression does not reduce in people by taking nutritional supplement, but it is definitely that by changing the diet it can be reduced to some extent. More research is still needed on this.

Diet, fruits, fresh vegetables, lentils, fish and dairy products in the diet can be found to overcome this problem. People who are troubled by obesity can reduce the intensity of depression by losing weight.

Poor lifestyle and poor eating are the result of increasing depression among people. People use a variety of medicines to avoid depression. But in this news, we are going to tell you an extremely easy way to avoid depression. If you jogink for 15 minutes every day or do some exercise, then the risk of depression can be significantly reduced.

If we consider a recent study, then if we spend only 15 minutes every day, then the risk of depression can be greatly reduced. If you do not want to do jogging then you can do any physical exercise instead.

Many experts believe that it will be very effective for those who are victims of depression if they are jagging every morning. By doing this the hard pump starts pumping 50 percent faster. Let us tell you that more than 6 lakh people were involved in this study.


Some of these people were wearing accelerometers, while some had self-reporting of their physical work. From this experiment, it was understood that people who wore accelerometers and also exercised, the risk of depression was less than those who did not wear accelerometers. It has also become clear from the study that your DNA has nothing to do with depression.

Depression is not a genetic problem, it means that if your mother and father have this problem, then it is not necessary that you also have it. In such a situation, you can get rid of this problem by juggling 20 30 minutes.

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