Life Of Pretense or Should I Say Fake Lives.....

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I stood there watching her cry, as she was just in tears blaming herself and cursing altogether. A guy whom she trusted and had been in a relationship for almost a year has been deceiving and feeding her with lies. During this period, she visits him at his so called apartment, ride in his car and even have lunch with him at his office cafeteria. Only for her to discover one day that this were all lies and deception, he never had an apartment, a car, not even a all belonged to his friend, seriously. How long did he think he can hide or pretend to be what he is not. The deception is so appalling, I mean a relationship built on lies is bound to crash sooner or later.

Sometimes I can not help but wonder why some persons just feel pretending to be what not is the best option in their lives. You do not have money, then work hard to make money not lie about it. In life, no one is a loser, You become a loser when you stop trying. Yes.. We may not all get there at the same time but as long as one is dedicated, diligent, patient and prayerful then success is sure.


Living fake lives do not pay in any way, instead it may destroy or avert the good opportunities on the way. Many atimes, I do not get freaked about things I see on social media, because when you start to give thoughts to all this things one might just go crazy. I have a friend back then in the university who borrows dresses to wear just so she can take picture and make a post of her latest dress, which she borrowed obviously. Then maybe someone somewhere sees that post and decides to spend her last cash just to get that

"Am not from a wealthy home" should not limit anyone from being successful, or should not make us delve into a life of pretense. There are different opportunities out there waiting to be explored, but I guess some are just too blind to see it, so they derive pleasure in shortcuts or deception which later leads to hurt and regrets. If that time used in pretending and living a fake life has been channelled into something productive then to whose advantage is that? There was this Nollywood movie titled Lagos Real Fake Life, I saw a year back that focuses on this issue. In the movie different characters lives fake lives, claiming to be what they are not which predictably landed them in trouble.

Be yourself irrespective of your background or situation at that time, you never can know where your help would come from. Just imagine someone pretending to be what is not to a person that could have been able to be of an assistance... What do you think would happen? The person is going to miss out on this opportunity. Funny enough some persons even loose themselves while pretending, they do not even know whom they are anymore, they even begin to confuse their fantasy for reality.

When we pray, we should learn to make ourselves available for a miracle, not be an obstacle to it.

So for my friend I guess it is game over, deception is just a no no for me.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day.


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Very good insight. One of my fave quotes of all time...

to thine own self be true

Happy December 🎄 have a great week ahead! 😉👍

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Thanks for dropping by and happy December to you too 😄

hi @bliss11. Thank you for your excellent post on this issue. We call it "keeping up with the Jones." People who do this take away from their own awesomeness in what they have to contribute to life. They try to be like others, have what others have without the means to pay for it. Then they get in credit card debt or borrow from others.

Just be yourself. If you read a previous post of mine I shared about not having any shoes to wear to school, material possessions don't define a person.

Appreciate your candid view of the subject. Have a great day, and take care.

You totally get me, I mean we need to learn to be in content with what we have or at least work towards getting that which you need instead of putting on a pretense.... It kills ones willingness to do better. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it.

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