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I am very lazy at cooking for myself but when I do decide to make something, I wanna make it real good. I really like soups and I don’t know why I don’t make them more often. Need to make a note of cooking soup at least once a week, which will then last me for a few days and I don’t have to make an effort to feed myself.

My friend asked me for a recipe on making coconut curry sauce for chicken the other day, and
ever since that I’ve been graving something similar. So I decided to make a veggie coconut curry soup and it came out really delicious. I basically made this from scraps and had everything I needed in the cupboard to make it. Always a plus when I don’t have to go to the grocery store, that is not the kind of shopping I enjoy.

I chopped up chili, garlic, ginger, carrots, parsnip, red and yellow paprika, sauteed everything in oil, added curry paste, then added water, season with salt, pepper and lime. Then after a bit of boiling poured in the coconut milk. When plating, I added glass noodles, spring onions and cilantro. So fast, so healthy, so good.


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Damn that looks too healthy for my lifestyle! ;D <3

You can balance it with a Big Mac

I think that could be a great combo ! :D

looks delicious

It sure was!

Looks good to me! I’m pretty lazy myself making food. I want to do more eating than cooking

Haha, most of us prefer it that way :D

wow, that soup looks like it was really good.

I have to try this!

Please do :)

This looks warm and delicious! Pretty too!

That looks legit!

I'm vegan...Well, only really when I don't eat meat or non-plant-based food. So, yeah, probably not vegan at all, ever. I ate lettuce once though.

I’m the same kind of vegan, though I do actually eat quite a lot of veggies and not that much of actual meat. But I would never go full vegan unless someone figures out how to replace cheese and butter so that there is no way to tell them apart from the real thing.

Sounds the same as how I eat.

I couldn't go vegan. Almond milk 🤮

When someone can explain to me how they milk and almond I'll give it another go. How do you milk something with no teats? 😂🙈

Hope you're well and you deploy a legit day. 2pm here. Couple hours and I'll be heading home from work. Thankfully.

Hahaha I actually rarely use normal milk anymore, I never drank milk ”raw” anyways and oat milk tastes soooo good with dark roast coffee 🤤

I just wake up from nightmares again so I need to try and get up to brew myself a huge cup of coffee. There is a storm raging outside which sounds nice but I need to leave the house today so I’m hoping it settles down in a few hours. How has your workday been?

I had oat milk for the first time last week, in coffee, and I didn't hate it. Don't tell me that makes me vegan though! 😂

Storms outside are nice, good to stay in and watch/listen to. Still, you gotta go out, so it sucks.

Had a good day so far. A few clients, some phone calls, long lunch...Just writing almost now actually. Lol. Legit day.

Oatly (in the grey carton) is the best one, some others go all weird in a hot drink. At some point when it came fashionable to be vegan, all the stores run out of that one and now they don’t even shelf it anymore, they just drag the hole damn crate into the aisle because it’s so popular. Kinda hate myself for liking it because I never wanna be one with the lambssss.

You are going towards your winter in there right? When does it start to cool down?

I'll see if we can get Oatly here. But am not a Sheeple either. Just going by your legit recommendation. 😉

Will be hot through to the end of March here although summer ends officially December to End of February. In SA March can be the hottest month though.

April to November are nice weather months though. Some rain but not too bad. Winters here tend to be 12-21 in the daytime, blue skies a lot too, so pretty nice. 🙂🇦🇺

Don't forget I'll be there in Tampere 10th July for a couple weeks. Hope you have legit weather for me to enjoy! We can have some munkki's and oat milk coffee! ☕

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