I Wake Up Sooo Abnormally Hungry!!

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I don't know if it's because we eat much earlier that I did back home, or whether it has to do with the kind of food I am having for dinner. Imagine my surprise when I realized people don't cook everyday here or have warm meals everyday. Like what? I can't survive on just a sandwich and juice / water for dinner🤦‍♀️

I think I am getting the hang of the kind of food here, just not the timing. Surprisingly people have breakfast at 10am, lunch after 2pm and dinner after 9pm. So darn late! However, in my house we do it a little bit different, which is cool. We have dinner at 7.30pm more or less and by midnight I am normally hungry if I am awake.


This was my dinner a few days ago. To me, this is just a snack pre dinner back in Kenya😅😂 I woke up super duper hungry, sometimes it feels like something is pulling my intestines from the inside. Terrible.

I have resolved to make my own meals for dinner, I just couldn't survive on this kind of meal, what can I say, I love my food and I love to feel well fed.



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You live in Kenya? 😍

Yes, but currently in Madrid :)

Nothing wrong with these eating habits, some people just have a faster or slower metabolism and prefer eating at different times of the day. I despise eating in the morning, but at 1am I could put down an entire pizza.

hehehe, midnight munchies are the best. I love them!

Good food good life

Yezzuuurr :)

I do find different cultural differences regarding food to be rather interesting.
I hope you’re having fun over there. :)
Will you be coming back home soon?

In a couple of months maybe, I don't know. Loving every moment spent here.

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