The popular food for girls is Fuchka

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Fuchsia is one of the most popular foods in our country. Fuchsia is a favorite food especially for girls.For this, Fuchka House has been built in various places of our Bangladesh,Also, there are some lucrative business people we call hawkers who stand in front of different schools or colleges and sell lizards.


I usually do not buy shrimps from hawkers, but today I wish I had bought shrimps from hawkers.One plate of them costs 20 bucks and one plate has a lid of 10, which means two bucks worth of pistachios.Like all other jumble houses, it is not as fun for hawkers to eat jerks,Because the hookers are cheaper at a discounted price, so have fun,



They use a variety of spices to make duck, potatoes, coriander leaves, cucumbers, and sesame seeds,Raw pepper,Serve them nicely, but they have to eat them on the street,


But I think it's better not to stand on the street and not eat litter because their litter is not healthy.Moreover, the dust on the side of the road falls on the dirt which we cannot see with empty eyes,Then our people in Bangladesh are not eating this nutty day after day and most children eat,

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