Bad Santa, One of my favorite comedy movies

in aaa •  2 months ago 

Its so funny for me not even on Xmas, its just good. Yet there is part 2 - dont watch it, its shit.

Willie Soke (Billy Bob Thornton), the title bad Santa, does not treat holidays as a period when he is to fulfill his magical mission, and not only because he is an ordinary man dressed as Santa, whose kids in supermarkets sit on their knees and confide out of their under-craving desires. Willie is also a professional thief, a talented cashier, who, along with his partner, Dwarf Marcus (who wears an elf costume), every year, in a similar way, according to a crafty plan, robs store safes. Therefore, December is nothing more to him than the time when you should prepare and do the thief's work. However, it is not for this reason, and actually not only for this, that we could describe him as evil. Why then? To find out, we should focus on the main character for a moment.

But i give no spoilers so.. just watch it!

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Merry Christmas!

you too man!

@kingsmind, To explore fun times we should watch Comedy Movies 🎥 time to time so that it can fill our lives with some laughs. Stay blessed.

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i think so too man!


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